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Considerable international renown
85% of the production of
Cuna de Platero is earmarked for the most demanding European markets:
France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy… We export quality.
More than 20 years pampering the best fruit
An entire life impassioned by an ideal: for you to be able to enjoy the flavour of the best quality strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, peaches and blueberries.
When quality tastes of fruit
More than 20 years’ passion for fruit. A whole life pampering strawberries and raspberries. More than two decades offering you the best blackberries, peaches and blueberries. Flavour, colour, texture and quality have a name: Cuna de Platero.
The many faces of flavour
A unique quality:
four ways of showing it.
Cuna de Platero approaches the different international markets with 4 major brands:
Cuna, Platero, Fuentepiña y Zoe.
A present and forwarding-looking union
More than 80 members. An average annual employment of 2,270 workers over 2,108 acres. More than 500,000 days’ wages a year. And a common ideal.
Located in the Doñana National Park
Cuna de Platero is located in
this unique surroundings, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.
We can only expect the best fruit from its privileged climate conditions and its environmental wealth.


  • Marcado carácter de expansión internacional

    El 85% de la producción de Cuna de Platero se dirige a los más exigentes mercados europeos: Francia, Alemania, Bélgica, Reino

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  • Más de 20 años mimando la mejor fruta

    Un ideal: que usted pueda disfrutar del sabor de las fresas, frambuesas, moras, melocotones y arándanos de mayor calidad.

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  • Cuando la calidad de toda una vida sabe a fruta

    Más de 20 años de pasión por la fruta. Toda una vida mimando la fresa y la frambuesa, ofreciéndole las mejores moras,

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