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Commitment to traceability and control

From countryside to your plate: the control is present in our facilities and transport all the time


Our process of traceability
guarantees a detailed control
of the fruit from its cultivation
to the moment the customer buys it

Codification of farms

We codificate every farm and
production unit, by giving to every fruit
supply its own mark during all the
stages of the process

Real-time monitoring

We can know,
almost in real time,
the location and condition
of our fruit supplies


We comply with the Production
ProcessesRegulation (EU European
in order to
offer the best quality of fruit
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Compliance with Regulations

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  • Specific Regulation of Integrated Production of Strawberries
  • Specific Regulation of Integrated Production of Fruit and Vegetable Plants in our facilities
  • Certified Quality for Cultivation of Strawberries
  • Quality Regulation GLOBALGAP and GLOBALGAP GRASP in our fields
  • The establishment of a Self-monitoring System which regulates the General Hygiene Plans in the company and the development of APPCC, by closing indoor quality systems that must be carried out in a company like ours
  • Quality Regulation IFS in our berry fields
  • Quality Regulation BRC in our berry fields
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