Cuna de Platero participa en las I Jornadas Internacionales de Promoción del Ocio Saludable de la UHU
Cuna de Platero participates the 1st International Conference on the Promotion of Healthy Leisure of the UHU
April 2, 2018
Cuna de Platero acerca la cuarta edición de su programa de educación alimentaria “Fresayunando” a 2.500 niños
Cuna de Platero brings the fourth edition of its food education program “Fresayunando” to 2.500 children
May 2, 2018

Cuna de Platero promotes the heart-healthy diet with the delivery of berries at the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital

– The center signed an agreement with the Asociación Cardíaca Nuevo Camino para el Corazón Onubense (ANCCO), with which Cuna collaborates

Cuna de Platero supports the promotion of a heart-healthy diet with the delivery of berries at the Juan Ramón Jiménez de Huelva hospital. This is an initiative in which it goes hand in hand with the Asociación Cardíaca Nuevo Camino para el Corazón Onubense (ANCCO), with which collaborates promoting healthy lifestyle habits.

among its members (people who have suffered some heart disease).

“The promotion of berries properties is one of our most outstanding social responsibility initiatives. Consciousness to the consumer of the importance of eating a balanced diet, accompanied by physical exercise, to improve their quality of life. Berries are your best ally in this task”, explained Juan Báñez, the general manager of Cuna de Platero.

Therefore, in the morning, Cuna de Platero supported the signing of an agreement between the ANCCO and the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital of Huelva, which aims to promote heart-healthy diet among patients. They also offer hospitalized patients, through ANCCO volunteering, some information, advice and guidance of the resources that a patient may need to face the disease with security, in addition to offering the “School of Patients” of the association.


‘For a heart-healthy diet’ campaign

After signing and throughout the morning, the berries of Cuna de Platero were available in an information table located in External Consultations. The association has been made known and also some information on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the diptych “Berries for the Heart”, “where we tell the consumer what properties make our berries your ally to take care of cardiovascular diseases”.

The managing director of the Juan Ramón Jiménez hospital, Antonio León, assured that “heart-healthy diet is essential for these patients”, who should “take advantage of and support one of the great values ​​that Huelva has, such as berries”.

For his part, the territorial delegate of Equality, Health and Social Policies, Rafael López, highlighted “the work of these volunteers for patients who are at the hospital and the importance of heart-healthy diet”, for these patients.

The berries of Cuna de Platero are attached to the “Food and Health” program of the Spanish Heart Foundation, through which it is committed to promoting a healthy and balanced diet, practicing sports and acquiring healthy lifestyles.

Cuna de Platero´s berries have been recognized with the PASFEC seal that identifies them as heart-healthy products, ideal for strengthening the heart and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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