Cuna de Platero moderniza y digitaliza todos los procesos implantados en la cooperativa
Cuna de Platero modernizes and digitizes all the processes implemented in the Company
February 8, 2018
Cuna de Platero expone en Global Berry Congress las oportunidades de las berries españolas
Cuna de Platero shows the opportunities of the Spanish berries at the Global Berry Congress
March 23, 2018

Cuna de Platero exposes to UHU students its business model and its commitment to R + D + i and digital revolution

– The general manager Juan Báñez and the financial manager Carlos Méndez, respectively, gave lectures at the Business Week of the University of Huelva

– They detailed the values ​​of the company, its important human capital, as well as its responsibility with the environmental, social and economic environment

Cuna de Platero was present at the second edition of the ‘Business Week’ days held at the University of Huelva. In this framework, the general and financial managers of the company, Juan Báñez, and Carlos Méndez, respectively, detailed to the students of the UHU the characteristics of the business model as opposed to the mercantile one and made a complete radiography of the company, where they highlighted its commitment to R & D & I and the digital revolution.

“It is important that students know by us the reality of the business world, because they are the future and they will relieve us”, explained Báñez.  He also said to the future professionals that ” all can be reached having attitude and putting your heart in it”. The general manager of Cuna de Platero made a review of this cooperative with 30 years of history, detailing the main guidelines of the company: teamwork, excellence, caring for the environment, the commitment to R + D + i, transparency and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


Innovation throughout the process.

R + D + i is present in all the links of the company, from the field to the warehouse. The company aims to varieties of strawberries “made by and for Huelva”. In fact, 65% of the plantation of Cuna de Platero is autochthonous varieties. In addition, technology has been introduced into the production chain making agricultural activity compatible with respect for the environment, with an average water saving of 20%.

This innovation reaches the warehouse with industry 4.0 “that allows us to have an intelligent and flexible production”. The modernization and digitalization of all the processes implemented in the company “has made us improve the quality in all processes, optimize resources and improve energy efficiency”. In addition, in this digital transformation Cuna de Platero aims to “collaborative robotics, because we understand that a person and a robot together are much more productive than separately”. This has allowed to increase the offer of employment of the cooperative and to look for new professional profiles. “It means being at the forefront of the business”, explains Báñez.

On the CSR, the general manager exposed the social purpose of the company, which is “to disclose the healthy properties of berries, food and environmental education and links with the territory.”

For its part, the financial manager of Cuna de Platero, Carlos Méndez, has shown the advantages of the cooperative model over the commercial model, whereby “we are composed of people, we seek the common good, we care about our social environment, we are guided by equity, transparency and honesty, as well as seeking respect for the environment “.

The ‘Business Week’ was held at the Faculty of Business Sciences of the Huelva and had the collaboration of the Federation of Businessmen of Huelva (FOE), the Andalusian Center for Business Development (CADE), the Official College of Economists of Huelva, the Social Council of the UHU and university external chairs such as the Association of Basic Chemical and Energy Industries of Huelva (Aiqbe), Aguas de Huelva, Cepsa and Andalucía Emprende.

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