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Waste Management

We reduce our environmental work with a responsible waste management.

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Efficient use of water and other resources

We install high-precision irrigation systems for the cultivation of strawberries and for the efficient use of water in them

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Food Chain Partnership

We establish a management protocol for pest control and plant diseases

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Continuous Improvement and Innovation (R&I)

We promote this harvesting system in order to obtain a more consistent fruit in sunny days

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Waste Management

Efficient Use of Water and Other Resources

Food Chain

We cooperate with Bayer CropScience through the Food Chain Partnership programme, by establishing a management protocol of the 100% of our cultivations of strawberries in order to offer the final customer a more natural, healthier quality of the fruit and a consolidation of sustainable production dynamic, by updating treatments and having a strong commitment to pest control and plant diseases.

For this, the Bayer CropScience technical staff and Cuna de Platero are carrying out a comprehensive monitoring programme and upgrading treatments for the protection of fields, which are reinforced by several calibrations within an application machinery, and also the installation of anti-drift nozzles and traps for pest monitoring due to the use of biological products and quality treatments; besides, new rules of control are established by choosing active materials and biological products that exist in the market which guarantee a perfect sanitary state of fields and finally it is very important the use of solutions and principles of an Integrated Production.

Zerya, a healthy food guarantee

Pioneers in the Zerya certification of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries

The Zerya quality brand, which is member of GlobalGAP and eventually part of the Sustainability Committee, guarantees food safety production by improving its consistence and useful life, and so its nutritional qualities by obtaining a more natural fruit as a result, free of any chemical residues and excellent quality.

This protocol is based on nutritional studies of fruits and the rational use of treatments during their growth and ripening. This way it provides an added value to strawberries, raspberries and blueberries by guaranteeing a better quality and offering natural products to all the consumers. Thus, Cuna de Platero keeps on working in order to consolidate a sustainable company model, committed to consumers’ health and to a good atmosphere where its activity is developed, as it takes part in the Committee that Mesa Zerya leads in the business of berries.

Fresh Picking